About us

A Dream realized

The School is an extension of the vision of Sardar Harcharan Singh Hero, the son of Punjab who spent his life in giving back to the society and soil. He believed in maximizing the number of lives he touched in whatever way he could. Known for his insight and enterprise he was the first chairman to get Markfed to profit since its inception. He believed that education is the real driver of growth and development. In his life time he upgraded many government schools from primary to higher secondary. An able administrator with his heart beating for the villages, he made 100 plus mandis in various villages of Punjab and brought connectivity to rural areas. He infused people with his generosity and said that one must let the 'giving spirit' spread like a virus, infinitely touching the lives of people you may never meet, across boundaries you may never cross, in ways you may never imagine. He believed that through the various privileges and opportunities that life offers us, we must give something back by becoming more. The school is an endeavor to live up to his dream of gifting the society with the most precious gift of knowledge, wisdom and fortitude.


The Hero Philosophy

Our School envisages becoming the stepladder for students in their journey towards wisdom and knowledge. The logo symbolizes this vision, with the school as the strong tree trunk climbing which the students can reach out for the highest goals. The tree symbolic of the school is like the Creator as it sustains creation with its abundant fruit, protection and warmth. The tree with its roots in the ground and branches growing up to the sky, fosters the students to touch what is beyond familiar beacons and still stay attached to the soil that nourishes them. The school aspires to produce students who have an insatiable drive to learn, explore and innovate. They are courageous in the face of challenges and firm in the unnerving times. They are persevering, hardworking and positive in their journey to achieve their goals. To mould students into such beings of the strongest of character, the school promises to provide an environment that hones the holistic growth of its children.

Moto & Mission

The Fundamental aim of THE Hero Public School is to create a desire for learning, enabling children to develop. We stand committed to educate children not merely through text books prescribed to them but to provide them with life skills enabling them for a smooth journey through life and at the same time instilling in them a sense of fairness and zest for honesty. A keen regard for regulations and discipline. We strive to protect and make them aware of the harsh realities of life to be faced when they step into the world outside.


The School Houses

JHELUM (Blue House): The river Jhelum rises from Verinag Spring situated at the foot of the Pir Panjal in the south-eastern part of the valley of Kashmir.

RAVI (Yellow House): The Ravi River originates in the Himalayas in the Multhan tehsil of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

CHENAB (Green House): The Chenab River originates in the upper Himalayas in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh.

BEAS (Parrot Green House): The Beas river rises in Himachal on the southern face of the Rohtang Pass in Kullu.

SATLUJ (Red House): The source of the river is near Lake Rakshastal in Tibet.

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